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Being numerate is about being able to apply number and mathematical approaches in everyday life. At The Henry Beaufort School teachers work together, using a common language and approach to improve students confidence and encourage a ‘can do’ attitude towards all aspects of numeracy. We know that as well as improving student’s outcomes in GCSE Mathematics, for which we achieved 85% this year, we are also making them better able to describe, explain and justify their thinking, as well as solve problems and assess risks. In addition to helping them leave Henry Beaufort equipped to handle the practical aspects of life, good numeracy levels are strongly linked to an increased likelihood of employment, higher salaries and even improved health and social wellbeing. 

As well as collaborative cross curricular projects students are made aware of the relevance and importance of numeracy in all subjects and everyday lives through lessons, visual displays and various days and events to raise awareness throughout the year. 

In order to support your child at home you may wish to highlight areas in your lives where numeracy skills are essential, at work and in your home life. Your child will have been given a password to use the mymaths website, which you can explore with them, to build up any areas of mathematics they are using in class or are less confident with.

Finally, the national numeracy charity aims to improve the level of numeracy amongst adults and children in the UK. It provides an online challenge that assesses every day maths skills and then helps improve your skills using manageable steps and many online resources. This may be useful to look at with your child or even use in order to help you, help them, build their confidence in numeracy. Please click here to visit the page.