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The Henry

School routine

Our students come to the Resource Base each morning, before the start of school, to check that their hearing aids, cochlear implants and radio aid systems are working properly.

Following testing, students attend a spelling and reading programme during morning tutorial sessions where they are encouraged to develop their vocabulary and further their awareness of current affairs. If necessary, pre-tutoring and review of lessons also takes place.

Students then attend a five minute tutor registration session with their hearing peers, before either going to mainstream lessons or being withdrawn for specialist teaching in the Resource Base. This is dependent on individual needs. 

The after school routine comprises of 20 minutes one-to-one individual support with a focus on individual targets and the reinforcement of key concepts. Students can also spend this time with their deaf and/or hard of hearing peers.

After-school Home Learning Clubs are open to all students. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities, such as sport or drama clubs, are also available.