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The Henry

Student Council

The Henry Beaufort School values the students' voice and feedback to help continually make improvements to the Henry Beaufort School community.

We encourage as many students as possible to be involved to ensure the students have a forum to express their views, be involved in important sections making and making a difference. We currently have 65 students who are active members of the Whole School Student Council, who work hard to drive student-led changes across the school. 

 Within the Whole School Student Council there are Satellite Groups which are made up of students in Year 7 to Year 10;

  • Equality Satellite
  • Sustainability Satellite
  • School Life Satellite
  • Curriculum Satellite
  • Cultural Capital Satellite 

The students have selected and applied for a specific satellite group as it could be of a particular interest to them. Teachers run the group at half-term lunchtime meetings. The Whole School Council will meet once per term and all satellite groups will be able to feedback what they have achieved and what project they are working on. The Whole School Student Council is a way for a student to have some student leadership opportunities and experiences. Each satellite has a chair and vice chair who support the running of the meetings. The Whole School Student Council members are identifiable through their Student Council Badges and are passionate about making the Henry Beaufort School the best school environment that is known for student-driven changes.

 Satellite groups' current focuses and themes of discussion are:



The Equality Satellite has collaborated with the EARA group and its current focus has been on educating students and staff on derogatory language. Members of this satellite also presented to all staff on micro-aggression and unconscious bias as a form of CPD for all staff.

Sustainability Satellite

The sustainability Satellite has worked on reducing the amount of litter around the school through posters on bins as well as collaborating with the Environmental club to tackle recycling around the school, from this, the majority of classrooms now have a recycling bin and students support staff in recycling paper around the school using a hands-on approach.

School Life Satellite

The School Life Satellite is currently looking at the current school uniform and making changes to the current school uniform, especially the school jumper, and have been looking into alternatives. They have also been looking at how social times can be improved for students, no matter the weather.

Curriculum Satellite

The Curriculum satellite has been looking at how consistency can be made across the departments. They have focussed on how lessons start and expectations in different subjects and are working towards making the start of lessons more consistent. They have also been reviewing the use of Arbor as we are coming to the first year of this in circulation and feeding this back to staff from a student perspective.

Cultural Capital Satellite

The Cultural Capital Satellite has been looking at the current Cultural Capital offer and looking into further opportunities that can be offered to our students. There has been a heavy focus on increasing the number of educational trips that departments can run.  


If you have any questions about the Whole School Student Council or would like to get involved, please contact Mr Donaldson (