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The Henry

Exam Policies

The exam policies consist of the following:

1. The Henry Beaufort Exams Policy

2. Controlled Assessment Policy

3. Disability Policy (exams)

4. Non-Examination Assessment Policy

5. Assessment Malpractice Policy

6. Accessibility Plan Policy * (Equality Act 2010)

7. Complaints Procedure

8. Data Protection Policy

9. Safeguarding Policy

10. Emergency Evacuation during exams

11. Exam Contingency Plan

12. Internal Appeals Procedures

13. Word processing allocation procedures

14. Identifying candidates

15. Qualifications**

16. Training Records **

*The Accessibility Plan is structured to complement and support the school’s Equality Plan


Please click the relevant policy below to view.


**If you would like to view the Qualifications or Training Records please contact Mrs Hine - Exams Officer on 01962 880073 or please click here to email.