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June 2019

  • Year 10 Alice selected to represent U15 South Basketball Team

    Published 10/06/19

    We are thrilled to report that Henry Beaufort Year 10 student Alice was selected to represent the U15 South Basketball team after a vigorous selection process.


    On Saturday 8th June the 'South' Basketball team played the Welsh National Under 15 team and won the first game against the B team 77-14 and then went on to beat the Under 15 A team 38-31.

    Well done Alice - an incredible effort!


    (Alice is pictured centre of the bottom row)

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  • Summer Concert - 18th June 2019

    Published 07/06/19

    Rising stars are pleased to present their Summer Concert.

    The concert will be held at The Henry Beaufort school Drama Room 1 at 6pm on Tuesday 18th June 2019.

    Tickets are available from finance office £4 adult / £2 concession

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  • Winchester Rotary Youth Technology Tournament

    Published 06/06/19

    On 25th March, members of The Henry Beaufort School Staff and Winchester Rotary ran a Rotary Youth Technology Tournament during which 48 Henry Beaufort students, in groups of four, competed against each other to design, build and manoeuvre a model crane through a task.

    The scenario given was that a train, carrying hazardous chemicals in a container, had been derailed and the container had fallen in to a gulley at the side of the track. The crane had to be used to recover the chemical container from a safe working distance, had to be moved to collect the container and then had to return it to the starting line.

    A selection of materials were provided and the solution incorporated the use of wood, an electric motor, batteries, a pulley system, wheels and a magnetic lifting hook. It was also necessary to control the crane’s operations and movement remotely from a minimum distance of 800mm to the container placed some 900mm below the track.

    Several teams achieved the task in the limited time available and demonstrated the effective use of teamwork, communication, planning and design to develop a solution and overcome the challenge.


    Mr Applin Assistant Headteacher said “It was wonderful to see our young people so engaged with this fabulous event. All the students in groups of mixed ages and abilities did a great job. I would like to thank Winchester Rotatory Club for their support with this event.”


    It is hoped that a similar Tournament will be run next March but with a different challenge and certainly this event was a huge success.

    Please see the video below .




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  • U16 Girls Football Team crowned County Champions. ​​​​​​​

    Published 06/06/19


     The Henry Beaufort School U16 Girls Football Team crowned County Champions. 

    The Henry Beaufort School U16 Girls Football team were crowned County Champions on Wednesday 7th May. 

    The route to the final saw them face Kings in round one, in which the girls won 7-3. Next, it was Harrow way, this was a 5-1 win. Then came the semi-final, an epic battle against Wavell where they won 5-4. The final was against The Petersfield School and was held at Petersfield Town Football Club. 

    The score at half time was 1-0 to The Petersfield School but the girls had played some excellent football and had dominated possession in the first half. The girls left the team talk optimistic and ready to start the second half well. However, straight from kick off the Petersfield team scored again to make it 2-0. This is where the game changed –in 8 minutes the Henry Beaufort girls had managed to score 3 goals. Beaufort were leading 3-2. But we didn’t make things to easy and Petersfield then scored in response 2 goals. We were again on the back foot losing 4-3. Perhaps it wasn’t to be – but the girls never lost hope and kept on battling away. We were awarded a penalty but it was saved but an equaliser was calmly slotted the through the legs of the goal keeper to make it 4-4. The crowd, made up of parents and staff were on their feet! Extra time was now happening, after extra time it was still 4-4 and the game was to go to penalties. Five of the girls all scored their penalties and Petersfield missed 2 – the girls were crowned champions and were awarded their medals! Fantastic! 

    Miss Hearle, Headteacher awarded all of the team a ‘ Special Recognition Headteacher award’ to recognise this amazing achievement. 

    This was the last game for the Year 11 Girls and what a way to leave! Over their time at the Henry Beaufort School in total, they have been involved in 5 county cup finals which is testament to their fantastic positive attitude, their amazing team spirit and their sporting prowess. Well done girls, we wish you all the best of the luck in your future and thank you for being so amazing! 

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  • Henry Beaufort Speedsters

    Published 06/06/19

    Our Year 9 engineers have been hard at work designing micro drones. This is all part of a national engineering competition called Airgineers, which sees students design, build and race micro drones against other schools from around the country.

    During the design stage the engineers have been learning to use SolidWorks, an industry standard computer-aided design package used for creating 3D models of engineered products. These models can then be sent to our 3D printer which builds the micro drone frame up layer by layer from a type of plastic called ABS. This allows our engineers to manufacture quality products to a high level of accuracy, something which would be unachievable using hand tools. Micro drone parts are then assembled into the 3D printed frames and the flight controllers programmed to allow the drone to fly correctly.

    The engineers are now ready to begin flying these micro drones. They will be testing their designs and creating new and improved versions based on their flying experience.

    For the latest updates follow us on: @BEAUFORTDT

    Some other engineers are getting ready to enter two other competitons later this year. However, potential sponsors who might be able to help us purchase or supply us with materials or remote control equipment. If you think you can help please contact:


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  • Math Department Celebrates Pi Day

    Published 06/06/19

    In March, the Maths Department celebrated international ‘Pi Day’ for the first time, with a variety of activities.

    This day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “ð”) is the symbol used in Mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159.

    ‘Pi Day’ was a running theme in students’ Maths lessons during the day, with a mini competition to ‘Guess as many digits of Pi’, ‘Pi Dingbats’ and a ‘Pi cake baking competition’ for Year 8 students which was judged by the Maths Department.

    The day was a huge success and enjoyed by everyone. Congratulations to the following students who were judged as worthy winners for creating some wonderful cakes:

    Katie, Charlotte, Benji, Ellie, Zoe, Alice and Mrs Chalke!

    The ‘Guess as many digits of Pi’ was won by the incredible Ellie who managed to correctly recite an astonishing 72 digits of Pi.

    Second place winner was Zoe with an equally remarkable 46 digits and Jack  with an impressive 32 digits!

    Well done to all who tried!

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