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BBC School Report 2009

Year 10 students spend a day producing their own news show.

BBC School Report day took place on the 26th of March 09 and Year 10 students spent the day producing their own news show.

at the cameraMr Lucas’ Media BTEC class was divided into groups and each investigated and filmed a different news story. The reports ranged from worldwide news to school matters, from the mystery of lost trousers to the use of Facebook in the workplace.

The separate video reports each lasted approximately 1 minute and were linked by the hosts of the news programme Hannah Drury and Jordan Scott.

“We had the idea of projecting an image of the school as the backdrop for the news report which worked really well,” commented Jordan, “then at 2pm the lights were shining and the cameras were on and we began to read through the news which we did in one take, just like a live show.”

Tom Bark of 10B said: “I found the day a great experience for the future and it helped us understand more about the world of broadcast media.”

The BBC School Report day is all about helping students across the UK understand and get experience of what broadcasting real news is really like.

By Tom Johnson and Matthew Ward.