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The Henry

Personal Development Days

Our Personal Development Programme is delivered through five Personal Development Days across the academic year.  It is taught as a progressive programme to Years 7 - 11.

Prospective plan for academic year 2023-2024, attached below.  

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Briggs


What our Students say about Personal Development Days;

‘In our PD days we learn about things we are not normally taught but should be taught, e.g., Drugs, Alcohol and Human Rights. In these lessons I learnt about how to be safe around alcohol and drugs and the effects of both and got more of an understanding about them. In Human Rights, we learnt about the rights we have and what they mean to us. I like these days because I can learn and understand things that I’m not normally taught, and this could help me in the future. This term I have met a Judge who we asked questions and she told us about her life. Overall, I really enjoy these PD days and I can’t wait for the next.’



‘I have learnt subjects in our PD days that don’t normally come up in my average day lessons. These days for me are fun because it is where I can be mature and learn life skills and things to be aware of as we grow up. This year already we have learnt about drugs and human rights, and I have met a Human Rights lawyer.’ Chloe