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100% Examination – (50% Paper 1 & 50% Paper 2)





Statistics GCSE is a new, exciting option subject for The Henry Beaufort School. Through the course, students will have the opportunity to deepen their mathematical understanding of the world through the context of everyday life. They will learn how to plan investigations, evaluate, process and interpret data whilst building skills that will not only support their maths GCSE, but be transferable to other GCSE subjects, such as science and geography.


It is a great option for both higher and foundation maths students as the subject can both reinforce key mathematical skills whilst also help students push for the top grades. Therefore, there is no minimum maths grade to take the course and we welcome students of all maths abilities.


Assessment Overview


The course is examined using two examination papers in the summer of year 11, and there is an option to take either a foundation or higher paper. It will assess the following three skills:

  1. Collecting and Representing Data – Students will analyse a variety of statistical techniques to gather data, looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each
  2. Interpreting Data in Context – Students will use statistical reasoning to draw conclusions from data, ensuring they have thought about the context of the data 
  3. Analyse – Students will evaluate the appropriateness of statistical techniques and accuracy of the conclusions drawn


Course Aims

  •  To engage students with an exciting, engaging curriculum that uses relatable examples to show the importance of maths in the real world
  • To inspire students to develop a statistical understanding of the world and how they can influence positive change through data-supported arguments
  • To highlight the potential limitations of data, and be able to recognise where this data is being used to mislead the audience