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The Henry


Changes are currently being made to our PE kit.  Further information will follow.


All students are expected to wear PE kit correctly and appropriately for the activity that they are studying. Relevant safety/ protection equipment must also be worn should the activity demand it e.g. shin pads and gum shields


Where a student is ill or injured, a parental/guardian note should be read and signed by the member of staff. Students are expected to change into their PE kit, unless it is inappropriate to do so (e.g. in a cast/ on crutches etc) or if it would have a detrimental impact on the students health and well being.  Another role is expected to be found for the student in the lesson, for example a coach, official or organiser.


The PE Kit is an extension of a student’s uniform; it is therefore an essential piece of equipment that students require to access their learning. The expectation for what kit should be worn is:


 Shorts black shorts

 Fairtrade PE Polo shirt  navy blue with school & fairtrade logo (available from our school shop)

 Tracksuit bottoms; plain black or blue (no leggings for girls)

 Trainers or Astro trainers

 Studded footwear (for boys and girls) – optional; must be moulded boots or blades

 Socks short white (for indoor activities) and Rugby socks long royal blue (for outdoor activities)

 Rugby shirts and Fairtrade PE Hoodies are also available for all years (optional)